Katy Perry FINALLY Talks About Taylor Beef...And It's Angry.


Katy went on to say, "it was a full shut down and then she writes a song about me...and I'm like okay cool cool cool if thats what you wanna do about it." 

CONFIRMED. Taylors bad blood was about Katy and now Katy has a follow up for Taylor.... it's called Swish Swish.. listen below


Insults in this song...

  • You're calculating
  • you're about as cute as an old coupon expired 
  • Katy tweeted "watch out for Regina George in sheeps clothing" and references that sheep in her song
  • your game is tired
  • you should retire
  • "she keep receipts" referencing the fact that Kim Kardashian had recording of Kayne asking Taylors permission to release his song and then she played victim

I don't take sides here. I love both Katy and Taylor...but geez the beef is heating up. 



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