Why I Don't HATE United Airlines...


There was a VIRAL video going around this week of a passenger getting kicked off an airplane because they needed flight staff to have a seat...people automatically hated United Airlines for this video but lets look a little deeper.

The guy refused to leave when the flight was overbooked...forcing everyone else to be late.

They offered him flight vouchers and pleaded for awhile. 

He was not accompanying a minor nor was he an injured passenger so he was randomly selected. 

Basically it's an aircraft seat YOU ARE RENTING to get from point A to point B, you do not own that seat and they can take it if they need it.

He caused a fit by refusing to leave when asked. He could have tried to negotiate to get a better voucher because there is no limit to how much they can offer you, but instead simply refused and threw a fit on an airplane. 

It bothered me that he threw the doctor thing in peoples faces. I don't hate doctors. I'm dating one. But unless you have a patient who needs urgent care or surgery the next morning...I don't see why this makes you more important than the next person? Is someones life depending on you?? No. 

NOW....United freakin Airlines....

YOU WERE WRONG. Let's get this straight. I agree with you kinda. I agree you needed to select a random person to kick off...BUT WITH FORCE??? No. You should raised the voucher money to something like $1000 so that people would actually volunteer before you started to use force. You made someone bleed...that's insane. That man who used forced DOES need investigated for temper issues.

But you did need someone off that plane and did need to choose a random person AND it doesn't matter that he was a doctor. 

So I guess I don't hate United Airlines... I just strongly dislike the man who forced a stranger off a plane and hurt him without thinking of other less violent options....



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