Facebook Is Going To Start Letting People Ask You For Money Now

PERFECT -_- now I won't be able to aviod all of those requests for money. I've seen people post about wanting a new COUCH before.... BUY YOUR OWN COUCH!

Other than that...the hospital ones are understandable. 

Well now people will be able to hassle you directly on FACEBOOK for money.... fun. 

There will be categories with these new requests...  Education . . . medical . . . pet medical . . . crisis relief . . . personal emergencies . . . and funeral and loss.

 "Education" ?!?! I paid my way through college on my own...get a job kid. 

The rest all make sense. If your house burns down and you want me to help you? I'm in. But if you're a college kid asking for a burrito fund...bye. 




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