LEAKED: Emma Watson And Amanda Seyfried Nudes

If you clicked this link to find the nudes...you are what's wrong with people. 

Today hackers released PRIVATE photos of Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson. 

Can I describe them to you? No. I didn't look for them. I don't want to see them. I want to respect their privacy. 

Just because some hacker published these photos doesn't mean you SHOULD look at them. If you go and search for these photos you are just as bad as the person responsible for hacking them. You're promoting this no-privacy culture. 

Just because something is available doesn't mean it's right. 

Celebrities deserve privacy just like you and I do. 

Naturally they have taken legal action...

TO LIFT UP FANS MOODS...have you seen Emma Watson reacting to a blooper from Harry Potter?? It's hilarious. 




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