Kristie's Weekend In FIVE Pictures: I WENT TO THE POPTART CAFE IN NYC!

I'm from a really small town called Louisville ~and no it's in Ohio NOT Kentucky~ here is a picture of it...


Then I went to a city COMPLETELY DIFFERENT--- New York City. 

Stayed in The Belvdere Hotel and basically felt like Blair Walforf the entire time 


Started the weekend off with a cocktail called "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" at Dutch Freds 

*this bar was recommended by Jordan FIsher who is in Hamilton


The next day IT SNOWED! At first I was disappointed because of the cold but then I realized...Central park in the snow?? Hell yes! 


FINALLY! I got to check out the popup Poptart cafe in Times Square! They had poptart pizzas, poptart tacos, poptart coffee and poptart shakes.

I tried the wild berry shake...and I LOVED it. 



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