Woman Tried To Sell Her Engagement Ring And The Reason Will Make You Cry!

A woman went to MANY jewerly stores, including the one where the ring was orginally purchased, trying to sell her engagement ring.No one wanted to buy it. Finally she went into Genesis Diamonds trying to sell her engagement ring.  When she came to Genesis, she met the owner and struck up a conversation – not just about the ring but about her and her life.  


As it turns out, she needed to sell the ring because her child was in the Childrens hospital here in Cincinnati and she needed help paying his medical bills.   While Genesis does not normally buy jewelry from the public, Boaz made an exception in this case and offered her a generous amount of money and she was extremely grateful.   


After thinking about her situation and others who might be going through the same thing, Boaz came up with a great Valentines idea to do something really special.  He decided to invite 50 moms with kids in the Childrens hospital to the store to be treated with chocolates, flowers, a free manicure and pedicure....and complimentary piece of beautiful jewelry from Genesis!   

Stories like this from companies really warm my heart and I'm so glad they shared the Vday love with more than just the one family! -Kristie 

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