LISTEN: Real Men Wear Pink - Day 3 - Make Lemonade!

Our FINAL afternoon full of perspective & inspiration as Jeanette Altenau (TriHealth) fueled Day 3 of "Real Men Wear Pink" on JonJon & Friends by bringing more of these incredible men in to share their breast cancer awareness stories. Including iHeart's very own DJ Hodge who carried the torch on using the power of radio to help enhance the reach of these men and their shared experiences. Don't miss a SECOND of this below....and support them at

Gregg Harris (The Loring Group) (starts the show below)

Chef Brad Bernstein (Red Feather Trade Co.) (starts at 14:20 below)

DJ Hodge (iHeart Radio) (starts at 28:27 below)

Assistant Chief Steve Breitfelder (Cincinnati Fire Department) (starts at 41:27 below)

Dan Wallace (Oval Room Group) (starts at 57:01 below)

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