SavageMomLife: 5 Million Friends & Counting!

A few months back, I had an iHeart Radio listener slide in my DM's and tell me about a local TikToker who had millions of followers simply by watching videos, reading the comments, and doing what she does best...laugh. I HAD to meet this mystical "@SavageMomLife" for myself to put her on the radio so she could explain her formula to us. After five minutes of isolation in a studio with Savage (real name: Heather), I understood (the assignment :D) why she had such a following. Not only is her laugh contagious, but she compliments it with a shine of authenticity. She's real. Whether on video or in person, what you see is truly what you get.

If you do a deep dive into her vault of TikTok videos, you'll see everything from an array of her sliding-across-the-floor dancing videos to her quintessential reaction videos where you often hear her tagline: "TO THE COMMENTS!" After reacting to a particular video (usually submitted by her followers), she then reacts to viewer comments on that video. This is clearly where SavageMomLife "struck gold". Some might say she better enhances the comments simply by reading them out loud on camera, crying laughing, & ultimately convincing her own viewers to catch the "smile bug" and start cracking up too. It works. In feeds that are already littered with toxic content that exhausts and discourages us, Savage is providing a positive off-ramp.

All the while, during SavageMomLife's LIVE TikTok feeds, you see a FULLY transparent mom courageously sharing low-points & adversities she's faced in her lifetime. This is when you can clearly identify her wholesome intentions. She uses these times to connect & relate to her followers in ways that improves their lives to the core. THIS is where I see the magic of SavageMom. Engagement & impact. Using a platform she's built to not only make people smile, but to provide a lifeline as well through relatability...especially if someone is in a state of hopelessness or misfortune. Many of us just want to know that someone else can relate.

Savage and I have a lot in common...and that dawned on both of us almost instantly. I jokingly say that we both use our laughs to force people to on the radio...and her on TikTok. So now we're combining forces to not only build each other up, but ultimately to build up those around us. You better laugh...because if you don't...we certainly will :D

Catch @SavageMomLife WEEKLY on #JonJonAF 2-7p for #SavageMomMondays!

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