My Return To Cincinnati Radio

"JonJon...what are you doing now?!" A question I heard on a weekly basis over the past 488 days (not that I was counting :D). Yes, that's how long it's been since I last provided an afternoon laugh track for Cincinnati. My lengthy sabbatical had all the elements of family, focus, & a full realization that I was experiencing a change that so many others were also having to initiate in their own lives. As much as I wanted to try and convince myself that I was the ONLY person dealing with this drastic shift in my life & career, I soon realized that the pandemic shook up all our lives in ways we never could have imagined. Families everywhere that were/are experiencing substantial loss, financial hardship, & overall…forced change. It made it apparent to me that if we could in some way start to approach our challenges with a "WE" mindset, then WE’D realize that WE’RE not the only ones now having to “move the sand a different way in the sand box”. Everyone is feeling it. So try to see outside of your own bubble.

I say that to say this…thank you. Thank you to all my incredible friends and family members who I grew closer to over the past year and a half. Relationships are fuel. So I hope you filled up your tank too this past year. My return to radio with an idea of having a local show called “JonJon & Friends” stemmed from my new-found perspective. This time, WE (yes, you and me) will build a relationship and have a show TOGETHER. I’m just here to learn about you, tackle our challenges as friends, and to do it in the only way I know best…while laughing (obnoxiously loud) 😉.Let’s do a show, Cincinnati.

Here are some of the friends that have joined me so far…

DREW LACHEY (Cincinnati travesty figure...and friend. 98° member, Dancing With the Stars Champion, & Owner (with his wife Lea) of Lachey Arts in Cincinnati)

Megan Mitchell (Reporter & weekend anchor @ WLWT Channel 5 & TikTok Superstarrrrr)

Cameron Hardin (Meteorologist @ WLWT Channel 5)

Molly Wellmann (Owner of Japp's OTR and Best Bartender in the U.S. 2019)

Local 12 - Good Morning Cincinnati Crew (okay...I joined them lol)

Eddie Traynor (DJ Etrayn - Official for Cincinnati Bearcats, Reds, & formerly @ Bengals)

Notre Dame Academy - STATE CHAMPION (Girls Soccer Seniors)

St. Henry - STATE CHAMPION (Girls Volleyball Seniors)

Seton HS Saints Media Club (Senior Audrey & Sophomore Lucy Mullen)

Christian Gill (Featured on Food Network & Owner of BoomTown Biscuits & Whiskey)

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