You Can Now Hire a Creepy Clown to Scare Your Friends... or Kids

As someone who hates clowns and mimes (the mime thing is because of an "incident" I had... it's a long story) this upcoming movie is the thing of nightmares.

Apparently, over the last few years, there's a clown that goes by the name "Wrinkles" who will show up "for a few hundred dollars" and scare the living crap out of anyone you choose. According to a 2015 article, Wrinkles just wants to "make a little extra money on the side and have a little fun before I die."

By the way, Wrinkles calls Naples, FL home. Because Florida.

There's even a YouTube channel dedicated to Wrinkles sightings, which you can check out HERE.

To reach Wrinkles, all you have to do is... call him? I mean, I figured there'd be a different way to contact a creeper clown, but hey, it's 2019. “It’s fun,” he told The Washington Post. “You get to be someone else. You get some people who are petrified and some people who want you to come home with them.”

The backstory is that Wrinkles claims to be a 65 year old divorced and retired veteran who moved to Naples, FL from Rhode Island sometime around 2010. Not satisfied with being a "boring retiree," Wrinkles acquired his distinctive clown mask online and began to make stickers and business cards promoting his phone number.

According to The Washington Post Wrinkles says, “I’m just a good old-fashioned clown. When I was a kid, it was okay to scare kids and now they’re all whiny and scared. I want to bring scary back." And yet, sometimes scary finds him. Wrinkles claims that he has received requests from people to help them dump a body and regularly receives explicit requests to engage in lurid behavior. He always declines, noting that he accepts only cash and entertains serious inquires for his services.

And starting on October 4, you can learn even more about Wrinkles, thanks to to movie "Wrinkles the Clown."

While some question the validity of the Wrinkles mystique, others claim he is in fact real. He even did an interview (in character, of course) a few years ago.

So...would you be freaked out if this showed up at your house?!

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