Scarlett Johansson Sues Disney Over 'Black Widow' Streaming Release

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Photo: Getty Images

Don't play with people's money! Scarlett Johansson filed a lawsuit against the Walt Disney Co. claiming they breached her contract by releasing Black Widow on Disney+.

Marvel's Black Widow release was delayed by the pandemic but finally debuted this month in theaters and on streaming. Disney+ subscribers could access it on Premier Plus for an extra $30. Disney announced the streaming revenue over opening weekend was $60 million. That brought the total global to about $218 million. That's where Scarlett said, hold up.

The lawsuit says Black Widow had been guaranteed an exclusive theatrical release when Scarlett signed her deal with Marvel. The suit claims the push to streaming lowered her chances of 'very large box office bonuses' that Marvel would've had to pay out.

That's pretty shady. ScarJo is an executive producer on Black Widow so it's odd the studio wouldn't consider how her contract would be affected.

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