Play-Doh Creates a Line for Adults Who Need a Nostalgic Break

Play-Doh Strawberries

Stop stealing your kid's Play-Doh because now the toy brand is launching a new line called Play-Doh for Grown Ups.

The new product line features a variety of “Grown Up Scents." For example, Grill King" is smoky BBQ scent that hopefulylGrill King is smoky BBQ-scented that hopefully doesn't smell TOO good. Mom Jeans wafts the scent of freshly washed denim. You can also choose from Overpriced Latte, Spa Day and Lord of the Lawn.

The scents are supposed to give us the small joys in an adult's life, like brand-new shoes, freshly cut grass or... Mom Jeans? More than anything, the new line is for grown ups with a sense of humor who could use a funny moment and feel like a kid in 2020.

The line launches November 13th.

Photo: Getty Images