Kim Kardashian's 40th Birthday Trip is Now the Funniest Meme of 2020


Kim Kardashian West turned 40 last week and celebrated the milestone by "pretending things were normal" with a private island party.

Kim flew her family and inner circle of friends to a private island after two weeks of quarantine and everyone got health screenings. She's started sharing photos from the lavish, mid-pandemic getaway.

Yes, what you're feeling is very familiar.

The Internet is cackling at the level of tone deaf. Her tweet sparked the best meme I've seen in 2020. People are using Kim's words to share their inner circle and private island.

Here's what I think: Kim works hard for her money and has the ability to take this trip, more power to her. But flaunting that level of wealth and privilege in the middle of a pandemic when the unemployment rate is growing every day is tone deaf.

Photo: Getty Images