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New Billie Eilish Wax Figurine Has Fans UPSET

The new Billie Eilish wax figurine has been unveiled and fans are upseti spaghetti. Many users commented that the wax maker made Eilish look significantly older than she actually is, and that the figurine is another "Nicki Minaj Nightmare." Some fans even said that these wax makers should just quit 😬

Madame Tussauds has also had a couple of wax figurine flops. Check out the photos below. They range from not similar to downright terrifying.

Cedric didn't die to be slandered like this.

Have they ever even SEEN Rihanna!?

I hope this person is charged with a hate crime because I HATE IT.

But why does Selena Gomez' figurine look like a cross between Selena and a contestant on Toddlers and Tiaras?


I hope Jenny from the Block came out for this disaster.


Slender Man is it you?

Not only did they lighten Naomi's skin and exchange her hazel eyes for blue eyes, they made her look terrifying. I feel like Tyra had something to do with this one...

But why did they make Justin Timberlake look like your creepy coworker that jokes about kidnapping you on your lunch break???

Annie is NOT okay.

Hillary Clinton's figurine is what my sleep paralysis demon looks like.

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