These Guys Are Paying Girls Thousands For WHAT!?

Portrait of pretty charming positive cute successful lucky cheerful girl standing under shower from money having a lot of money in hands isolated on pink background

Photo: Getty Images

Do you ever have a really hard day at work making less than $20 an hour and think to yourself, maybe I should just get a sugar daddy or date someone with an onlyfans? This is a universal thought we're all familiar with right? Because Snapchat's 'Money Mania' account has many people feeling that way today.

The account is dedicated to documenting the "weirdest and most unexpected ways people have made money." Episode 7 discusses different things people have done on onlyfans including bathwater, toenails, and hair. One girl made enough to buy a $330K McLaren 720S. Her boyfriend was even able to quit his job thanks to his girlfriends income! Another girl made $5,000 for her spit and $10,000 to FaceTime someone that wanted her to watch him pour milk on himself. A man was paid "very handsomely" to send pictures of himself trying on shoes.

Things to think about the next time your manager is stressing you out!

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