Ohio Eatery Serves The Best Pancakes In The State

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There are few breakfast food items as beloved, and customizable, as pancakes. From fluffy flapjacks topped with warm fruity compote and whipped cream to short stacks smothered in butter and syrup to savory-sweet recipes sure to impress, pancakes are definitely a crowd pleaser.

According to a list compiled by the Food Network, the best pancakes in Ohio can be found at Katalina's in Columbus, which, per its website, is "a little café with lots of local goodness" that serves homemade food "with an attitude." The pancakes at this eatery has truly unique and unlike what you would typically see on a breakfast menu. The bites were even named the "absolute best" pancakes in the state.

Katalina's has two locations around Columbus, one in Harrison West and another in Clintonville.

This is what Food Network had to say about the best pancakes in Ohio:

"Altering the overall shape and appearance of traditional flapjacks might strike you as reinventing the wheel. But then again, you probably haven't been to Katalina's yet. [...] Owner Kathleen Day has garnered a massive following that includes locals and out-of-towners alike with her prized Pancake Balls made with local, stone-ground Fowler's Mill flour. Diners get to choose from three different fillings: Nutella, dulce de leche or local organic Cooper's Mill Pumpkin-Apple Butter. Every order comes with Milligan's Bourbon Barrel Aged maple syrup and a side of Catalina's Original Sweet 'N' Spicy Bacon, or regular bacon if you desire."

If you want to see where else in the country to find incredibly tasty pancakes, view the full list at FoodNetwork.com.

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