This Restaurant Serves The Best Chicken Sandwich In Ohio

spicy nashville hot chicken sandwich with coleslaw and pickles

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Chicken sandwiches are classic. Due to how widely available this item is, it can be perfect for a quick stop in a fast food drive-thru during a road trip, or ordered with perfectly paired sides and topped with the finest ingredients at a nice, sit down restaurant on a date night. In addition to choosing your own toppings, some restaurants will even let you customize how spicy your chicken sandwich is made. Though this menu item can be found in restaurants all over the state, there is one restaurant in Ohio that serves it best.

According to a list compiled by Lovefood, the best chicken sandwich in Ohio can be found at Sauce The City located in Cleveland. The chicken sandwich that Lovefood recommended ordering is Cleveland Hot Chicken Sandwich.

Here is what Lovefood had to say about the best chicken sandwich in the entire state:

"If you're ready to face a pretty spicy sandwich, head to Sauce the City. It serves a range of chicken sandwiches at various heat levels, but the Cleveland Hot Chicken Sandwich is the favorite. The fried chicken is tossed in the joint's signature Cleveland Hot Sauce, topped with kale slaw and Kooling Sauce, and sprinkled with special Cleveland Hot Seasoning. Rated seven out of 10 in terms of spice, the sandwich leaves diners wanting more every time."

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