Couple Arrested For Having Sex On Ohio Ferris Wheel

colorful ferris wheel

Photo: Getty Images

An unidentified couple was arrested on Sunday afternoon after juveniles reported seeing them have sex on Cedar Point's Giant Wheel ride. According to WGN9, the 32-year-old suspects supposedly saw that their sexual act was gaining the attention of other Giant Wheel riders, but they kept going.

“I was able to have a perfect view of their cart,” a Giant Wheel rider told Sandusky Police. “They were going back and forth and laughing at us being visibly upset.”

Two adult females and two young females witnessed the act. They tried to alert security and staff standing outside of the ferris wheel while the ride was still going on, but were unable to get their attention. Immediately after getting off of the ride, the witnesses reported the couple to police.

WGN9 mentioned that the charges against the couple were enhanced due to the fact that they were seen by juveniles. The juveniles were very scarred by the event, and Cedar Point had to call their parents to let them know what happened. When police went to question the couple, they denied having sexual intercourse. After awhile, the couple admitted that they did have sex on the Giant Wheel ride.

The pair were released from jail on bond, but still face charges.

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