Chris Brown Explains Why His Past Beef With Drake Was 'A Misunderstanding'

Chris Brown and Drake

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Chris Brown and Drake celebrated the end of their beef by collaborating for "No Guidance," which, as Brown noted recently, is one of the songs he has to perform on tour. Now Breezy is sharing why the superstar artists had issues to begin with.

On Friday, June 24, Drink Champs dropped its highly-anticipated episode starring Chris Brown. During their near two-hour conversation, N.O.R.E. brought Breezy and Drizzy's past beef, which escalated following a brawl in a New York City nightclub that had bottles flying around the club. According to the Breezy singer, Brown and Drake "weren't even near each other" when that fight happened and it was all just "extra commotion."

“It was just a misunderstanding on both ends,” the singer explained. “It wasn't no—I ain’t going into too many details. It’s funny as hell now, but as far as that, blood, he good though. He straight... It was funny, and then when we actually sat and talked about it afterward, it was just like, 'Man, what the f**k was we doin'? Like bro, that s**t funny as hell.'"

The "misunderstanding" caused a rift between both artists that lasted for several years. In between, Brown hurled some shots at Drake on Jeezy's "R.I.P." (Remix) in 2013 and both artists went back and forth with hateful comments on social media. Then in October 2018, Drake stopped the show during his Aubrey and The Three Amigos Tour stop in Los Angeles to formally squash the remainder of their issues by bringing Brown on stage to perform his hits. A few months later in 2019, Brown and Drake dropped "No Guidance."

Watch Chris Brown's Drink Champs episode in full below.


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