WATCH: Reds Fan Accidentally Catches Ball In Cup, Chugs Beer

Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds

Photo: Getty Images

The Cincinnati Reds played the Chicago Cubs at Great American Ballpark on Monday (May 23) night, and it didn't end in a total loss for one lucky Reds fan. Cubs first baseman Alfonso Rivas hit a foul ball that was sent directly to the third row in the stands, and fans jumped up to catch it. One Reds fan in particular reached up from his seat, but his cup did all the work.

After bouncing off of multiple hands in the crowd, the foul ball landed in the man's cup full of beer while it was still in the seat cup holder. He picked up the cup, raised it to the crowd, and began to chug the beer with the ball still inside as fellow fans went wild.

The Reds tweeted about the event jokingly stating that it is now an unspoken rule that, "If a ball lands in your beer, you must chug it."

Reds play-by-play broadcaster John Sadak immediately acknowledged the catch during the game's live broadcast.

"He just provided the greatest additive to a beverage," Sadak said via UPI. "Oh, the deliciousness, that is game-used beer."

"A little rosin, a little dirt. Thank goodness they've outlawed the spitball," Reds analyst Chris Welsh added.

Unfortunately, the Reds were far less lucky, losing 7-4 to the Cubs.

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