Living In A NYC Hurricane Zone? Find Out Now

In New York City, a lot has changed. Hurricane evacuation zones have, too. More than 3 million New Yorkers live in the City's hurricane evacuation zones and about 1 million New Yorkers changed zones this year.

So help you navigate things there's: KNOW YOUR ZONE which is your destination for everything you need to know about hurricanes in New York City. You'll find information about the City's hurricane evacuation zones, the hazards you may face from a hurricane, and what to do to prepare.


What are hurricane evacuation zones?
I noticed that my zone has changed. Why is that?
What should I do to prepare for a storm?
What are the hurricane hazards?
What should I do if I have a disability, or access or functional need?
Are FEMA's flood zones different from hurricane evacuation zones?
What are evacuation route signs and why are they in my neighborhood?

Hurricane Season: for the Atlantic, the season begins June 1 and ends November 30 and historically, the greatest potential for hurricanes in New York City occurs from August through October.

Be prepared. Know your zone. Visit or call 311 to learn what to do to prepare for hurricanes in New York City.

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