The US is Looking at Banning TikTok and I Will Cry

Did I spend three hours last night watching plant and cat tiktoks?? Absolutely. Am I worried that the Chinese government will know I'm obsessed with snake plants and kittens....NOT AT ALL. I'm just worried that I will no longer have entertainment and I'll be forced to watch some crappy Netflix show again.

Okay I was doing both anyway, you got me.

But the US is really looking at banning TikTok and other Chinese platforms after it came out that they have been spying on us. The full article is here.

Honestly though... doesn't every app spy on us?? Sometimes when I need something specific for my apartment I'll whisper close into my phone "pink armchair with gold accents" on repeat like 7 times and then open IG and find an ad that fits it perfect. USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE PEOPLE.

Now I would love to type an essay on why I don't care about being spied on but it's really simple... I have nothing going on. Like...I talk to my cat and my plants on the daily and that's it.

*image from getty images

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