Colorado Man Comes out as Gay at 90 Searching for his Lost Love!

It really is NEVER too late to be true to yourself and find courage. What a beautiful soul of a man to finally be able to recognize his own strength and come out to the world. He is searching for a lost love named Phillip. This week he posted on fb to his family and friends letting them out "I am out. I am gay. I am free." while posting he also mentioned how he fell for Phillip when he was younger and didn't admit it to himself because he was fighting his feelings. He said, "I'm sorry I waited so long. If I said it when I was with Phillip, we may have stayed together." He went on to say, "I was doing my best to be straight and I thought I was. It's just not possible unless you really are."

While it might not be the best love story because he found out phillip had died two years ago, it is a nice story of strength. A story of being your true self. If you want to see more and see the man, click here for the Denver channels story!

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