Kings Island Ultimate Stunt Show!

Kings Island Ultimate Stunt Show!

July 30th- August 19th 

Shows Daily: 1pm, 3pm, 5pm

Experience next-level thrills with the return of the Ultimate Stunt Show at Kings Island!  You’ll be speechless as two motorcycles traverse the sky in the Double Motorcycle High Wire. Dare to watch a brave soul twist and flip on a massive rotating drum in the Wheel of Destiny, witness motorcycles defy gravity as they flip upside-down in near-miss loops inside the Globe of Fear and be mesmerized as gymnasts balance their way across a perilous span in the all-new High Wire Tight Rope Acrobat.  

Rev up your summer from great to amazing!  The Ultimate Stunt Show is returning to Kings Island now through August 19th.  Featuring three adrenaline-pumping shows daily, you’ll experience edge-of-your-seat thrills as you watch FOUR white-knuckle feats!  Witness motorcyclists flip through high-speed, near-miss loops inside the Globe of ear –and watch as acrobats traverse the sky on a perilous tight rope! Hurry, these next-level thrills are only at Kings Island for a limited time!

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